CattyWampus? Huh?
Doesn't that mean crooked or misfit? 

Not here!

Children have an innate ability to create
joy and excitement from just about anyting.

Packing boxes are far more fun than the toys.
Running fast *will* cause one to take flight.
TuTus and gumboots are the bomb.
And, of course fairies are real!

CattyWampus painstakingly designs and crafts clothing for children to be the foundation
from which they can build their own joy

...even if it seems a little askew to us at first.


Creating Daring Unique Clothes for Kids
to embrace each child's individuality and spirit.

The DUCK Designs believes
Sabinene Pohllen, of Farbenmix Design
says it best

Every child is a special gift.

…Mass produced clothing
[is] not worthy of any child.

Even everyday clothes
should bring out
the personality
of the child and allow
childhood dreams
to become a reality.

The Duck Designs strives to create wearable art,
sturdy  enough for the rigors of childhood wear 
and meeting the creative demands of imagination.